Best Movies To Watch While High

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Weed makes a mere ketchup baloney sandwich feel like a warm dish out of your mom’s kitchen, it’s the world’s greatest enhancer of experiences. Therefore, watching only “stoner movies” while on weed is a limiting choice depriving you of living out strong emotions and perhaps even opening your mind long enough so some of your convictions get challenged. Hence, we made a list of best movies to watch while high, and while comedies and weed are a match made in heaven, we focused on more serious, deeper movies.

Getting high and only watching movies about getting high or ridiculous comedies in a way enforces the society’s belief that weed is a lazy drug for man-children. But as weed amplifies everything, don’t worry, we’re not going to include too dark or heavy films, they might have some unpleasant, hard to swallow scenes, though, but they are not downers in its entirety. 

Best Movies To Watch While High

The Fountain (2006)

Movie to watch while high - The Fountain

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Director Darren Aronofsky has a unique filmography behind him, and while we wouldn’t recommend watching his most famous movie Requiem For A Dream high to our worst enemies, The Fountain is perfect for it. A drama as much as it is a sci-fi, this film starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz really puts the ball in your court when it comes to interpreting it, and your conclusions on it can tell you a lot about yourself when you compare it to other people’s. The Fountain is also visually stunning, something that is worth watching high even if there weren’t any story behind it at all. But there is, and it’s as emotional as it is smart and timeless.

I origins (2014)

Most likely the least known movie on the list, I Origins goes places you don’t expect it too from the start and keeps doing that in a big way until the very end. That’s why it’s best to watch it with as little knowledge about it, skip the trailer, skip the summary, skip the reviews. This movie might change your perception of the world on some points if you allow it, and it might even challenge your beliefs on some major topics. One of the actresses Brit Marling generally chooses to do smart, unusual movies with unique premises, so her filmography might be another good shout for watching movies while high. Two notes, there is an after credits scene that will surely make the hairs on your back stand, and co-starring in this movie is arguably the most beautiful woman in the world Astrid Bergès-Frisbey.

Inside Out (2015)

While Inside Out is a comedy, it’s more of a deep look inside our lives, and more specifically emotions, events, and memories that make us, which made the movie highly relatable regardless of age. It’s a miracle that a movie made by a committee of writers ended up being so great, but not only is Inside Out wickedly smart, it’s also highly emotional experience that will make you look back on your core memories and the action that is happening inside your mind every single day. The movie has some great messages throughout its plot, and you’ll definitely bring something valuable out of watching Inside Out. Arguably the best thing about great movies to watch while high. 

The Tree of Life (2011)

Movie to watch while high - The Tree Of Life

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A movie that will make you feel like you’re on weed even if you’re not, therefore it’s only for the bravest, most paranoia-free weed smoking movie watchers. The film stars Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and Jessica Chastain and while acting is spot-on it’s not in the focus as the movie is highly abstract and metaphorical. The Tree of Life deals with monumental, age-old questions and portrays them through a viewpoint of a family, while also looking like the weirdest science documentary at times. Some scenes of this ambitious movie can only be understood by a high person, and it’s a perfect movie to watch with someone and then compare conclusions at the end.

The Matrix (1999)

Whether you lived under a rock for 18 years or if you’re normal human being and have already seen the Matrix, watching it high is a must. Not only does the premise of the movie and the highly philosophical dialogue bend your mind, but there are still unrivaled scenes of high paced action. The Matrix’s soundtrack isn’t regarded as highly as it should be, the action will make you say “wait, what?” a lot, and the philosophy is coherent and understandable. We wouldn’t recommend watching the sequel The Matrix Reloaded high as it’s impossible understanding the Architect even if you’re well-rested, have a pen and paper in front of you, and pause the movie every two seconds.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Movies to watch while high - Mad Max: Fury Road

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George Miller’s latest movie is great to watch on an IV, let alone weed. Fury Road is a visual masterpiece unlike any other in the world of cinematography, a two-hour thrill ride with the hauntingly beautiful scenery. Few people who didn’t like the movie or those who had to nitpick critiqued Fury Road for not having too much story. But we would argue that while the movie doesn’t have much dialogue, it’s has a rich story that is just not told in a narrative or conversation, but in details and expressions. Humorously, the movie that is the biggest carnage ever recorded on film is also very subtle in its delivery, and on weed, your brain becomes like a spider web into which all the mythology, references, and themes are caught.

Coherence (2013)

Buckle up. This movie will challenge your mind to the extreme, but sometimes weed can be highly helpful with that, providing you with the perception needed to crack the code. Coherence is first and foremost a smart movie and one that will need your undivided attention, but combined with weed it won’t have a problem sucking you into it. A simple premise as a group of friends which are getting together at a dinner while a comet flies over the Earth gets more and more complex as the movie progresses. It’s shot in a way that will make you feel that you’re just one of the dinner party guests, immensely juking up the experience. This is what best movies to watch while high should be!

What are some of your favorite movies to watch while high that are not “stoner movies” per se?

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