‘Fargo’ Season 3 Is Coming To FX In April

Back in 2015, CraveOnline named Fargo the top TV drama of the year. But we had to leave Fargo off of the list in 2016 because there simply wasn’t a new season last year. However, the long drought is nearly over!

FX has announced that Fargo season 3 will drop on Wednesday, April 19 at 10pm. And while the first two seasons were set in 2006 and 1979, respectively, the third season is moving closer to the present. According to FX, the story will take place in 2010 and focus on two brothers who find themselves in an increasingly dangerous rivalry that will lead to “a twisted path that begins with petty theft but soon leads to murder, mobsters and cutthroat competitive bridge.”

Ewan McGregor is playing a dual role as both of the Stussy brothers. As Emmit Stussy, McGregor will play “the Parking Lot King of Minnesota” and a true success story. However, Emmit’s younger brother, Ray, is also played by McGregor, and he resents his brother for everything that he has. To step into the part of Ray, McGregor will be portrayed as “a balding and pot-bellied police officer.”

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The Leftovers‘ Carrie Coon will also co-star on the new season as Gloria Burgle, a divorced mother who is also the chief of police. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is playing Ray’s girlfriend, Nikki Swango, while David Thewlis is playing V.M. Vargas, “a mysterious loner and true capitalist whose bosses plan to partner with Emmit — whether the Parking Lot King likes it or not.” It sounds like there are a few counterparts to the first season of the show, but Noah Hawley will probably put a fresh spin on the material.

The third season of Fargo is currently being filmed in Calgary. Presumably, a trailer and promo photos will be released within the next few weeks.

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Photo Credit: FX