18 Great Oscar Winners on Netflix

Winning an Academy Award doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve made a great film (Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has two of them, I rest my case). But it does mean that you’re officially in the history books, and that future generations will one day want to see your film, even if they know nothing else about it. And nowadays people tend to seek out films on instant streaming services like Netflix, because it’s easier that way, and not because the selection is very good.

In fact, the selection of Oscar winners on Netflix right now is pretty darned terrible. Most of the Best Picture winners aren’t available, nor are the award winners in the acting categories. So if you’re diving for Oscar winners to watch this Academy Awards season you might think you’re out of luck, and yes, if you’re relying solely on Netflix, you mostly are.

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Mostly. We’ve scoured the current Netflix library for all the best Oscar winners we could find, and came back with links to eighteen worthy films that you should see if you really care about the awards season, about the film industry, or just about nifty films that earned little golden statues.


18 Great Oscar Winners on Netflix:

Top Photo: Miramax Films

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