10 Classic Comedies Wrongfully Crushed by Rotten Tomatoes

Photo: Fox Searchlight

The older we get, the more we seem to care less what people think. The same is true with the more great movies we see, the less we care what Rotten Tomatoes thinks, especially when it comes to the classic comedies they wrongfully crush. While we may be harsh critics of a lot of movies, we’re in high praise of some hit movies, whether or not they scored well in the box office, with some of our favorite actors.

Consider all the crap that’s out there now, we find it hard to believe that some of the best comedies with folks like Bill Murray, Tom Hanks, Adam Sandler and Chris Farley in their prime don’t score well. This flawed Tomatometer needs recalibrating, which we’ll prove with some of the greatest disparities in classic comedy reviews between “professional” critics and the audience. And while the average audience may not be the best judge of what’s actually good, films like Grandma’s Boy and Super Troopers show us otherwise.

Now stick around while we tear Rotten Tomatoes a bright, new red hole.

10 Movies Wrongfully Crushed by Rotten Tomatoes

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