If You Enjoy Seemingly Incompatible Music Mashups, This Website Will Blow Your Mind

Cool dj spinning. Photo: briguy33 (Getty).

If you love mashups and crazy combinations of songs, there’s a website that will easily waste hours of your day as you mix and match songs. Visit The Magic iPod, RIGHT NOW! Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if DMX and Franz Ferdinand were mixed? Lord knows I have! What about Jay-Z mashed with SmashMouth? Or Lil Jon and Modest Mouse?

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Now, I’m not sure how it works. It’s just as confusing to me as those cassette tape adapters you can attach to your phone. How the hell do those work in a car stereo? Is it recording your songs onto the cassette right before it plays? To me, that’s more impressive than putting a man on the moon. It really blows my mind. But just a heads-up, The Magic iPod doesn’t work on phones. You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer to enjoy.


Anycrap, go check it out. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but just in case it’s not immediately clear, here’s how it works: you take one of the hip-hop songs from the left side of the page and mix it with one of the pop songs on the right side. Surely it all has something to do with beats per minute or an algorithm of some sort, but that’s exactly what the World Wide Web was invented for (and my brain wasn’t). Screw connecting the world. The internet was meant to take songs we like and mix them with other songs we like. It’s the pinnacle of technology.

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