Adele Didn’t Actually Break Her Grammy in Half to Share with Beyoncé

After Adele made her way to the Grammys stage in order to accept her award for Album of the Year, her impassioned speech saw her insisting that Beyoncé deserved the award for her work on Lemonade. It was a great moment, and one which has placed a spotlight upon the whiteness of the awards show.

However, shortly after the show had aired Twitter users began spreading the story that Adele had snapped the trophy in half and, in a moment echoing the climactic prom night scene of Mean Girls, given part of the award to the former Destiny’s Child singer.

Although the story garnered a lot of traction, it turns out that it wasn’t true. While Adele was very complimentary of Beyoncé during her acceptance speech, in reality she had clumsily snapped the trophy and was given a brand new one to hold backstage.

You can see her handing over the broken award and being handed another one in the below video:

The story was picked up so widely as a result of the CBS broadcast cutting away from Adele before the moment, meaning that her breaking the trophy was only depicted in photographs. This caused many to speculate that she had echoed the actions of Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, in which she breaks her Prom Queen crown and hands out pieces to students she feels are more deserving of the honor.

It wasn’t quite a fairy tale ending, then, but in reality Adele handing Beyoncé over a snapped piece of metal would have probably not gone over too well. We can’t imagine that Ms. Knowles, who has a net worth of $265 million, would have found much use in her home for half a miniature gramophone.

Featured Image Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images