The Single Most Definitive Album From The 10 Most Important Bands

Photo: G. Brown/The Denver Post (Getty).

This may be the most difficult list I’ve ever had to write, namely because importance is truly a matter of opinion. What’s noteworthy to me may not necessarily be important to you. However, I’m fairly certain that most of my picks are fairly universal.

I do recommend playing at home though. It’s quite the test of one’s musical roots to establish which bands took hold of you seminally, necessarily, and vitally. Forced their way in, burrowed themselves deep, molding the passages of your own mind, heart, and soul. Once open to such greatness, it’s more easily recognizable in others. Because of these giants, a wide world began to unfurl itself. And it became a far more rocking place.

Again, I’m pretty sure I’m right about the utmost importance of the bands below — certainly in the subjective realm of how they’ve molded the man you read before you. I could not have evolved to the fan I am today without the sturdy musical shoulders of these giants. And of course, I owe a certain debt of gratitude to my older brother, who used to beat me and stuff dirty Kleenexes down my throat if I listened to Top 40.

The Single Most Definitive Album From The 10 Most Important Bands

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