Chicano Batman Drop New Performance Clip

Just ahead of the March 3 release of their new album Freedom Is Free, and the national tour in support of it (including two dates at Coachella,) Chicano Batman have released a performance clip of their latest single “Friendship (Is A Small Boat in a Storm)” to give fans a preview of what to expect.

Lead singer Bardo Martinez also explains the thinking behind the album and its title. “Because of the ascendence of capitalism as a dominant form of cultural exchange, freedom (however you choose to define it) has been commodified like any other product,” he says. “Throughout our history the state has presented the rationale – through propagandistic means and ends – that freedom is not free, that your personal freedom is contingent and dependent on the well-being of the state. This logic has explicitly justified war and its atrocities in the name of freedom. This song is an antithesis to that ideological fallacy. Freedom is as free as the spirit, as nature, as the universe itself. No matter how hard man tries to control every nuance of nature’s movement, he will not succeed. Freedom is a concept of the feeling of nature itself propelling everything in the universe in motion.”

More info on the band at their website.

Top photo courtesy ATO Records.