‘Home Alone’ Featuring Blood Will Shatter Your Childhood Forever

Photo: YouTube

The more years that go by the more we notice just how disturbing Home Alone truly was. Aside from the fact that you have this kid pretty much essentially torturing these two idiots, in what would have killed them various times in a real life scenario, you have a theory one of our writers came up with that Uncle Frank was behind the whole thing.

But while this Christmas classic was rated PG, a genius on YouTube who goes as BitMassive decided to change things up a bit and see what this movie would look like if they just added one thing: Blood. That’s right, with all that Harry and Marv go through they don’t really spill any blood at all, which is quite baffling. But now we get to set it all.

Check out this nightmare. Let’s kick it off with this scene:

‘Home Alone’ Featuring Blood Will Shatter Your Childhood Forever

Here’s another:

Had enough? Or you thirsty for more?

Let’s show you all one more if you can take it.

I always knew Kevin McCallister was a homicidal maniac, and this is just more proof of that fact.

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