30 Things We Hated In 2016

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If there’s one thing that was in abundance in the year of our Lord 2016, it was things to dislike. Let’s be honest, there were things we just downright hated. You’ve probably done everything you can to block them out of your memory, but here we are to shove them back to the surface and make you stare them right in their disgusting faces. They’re in no particular order since they were all different levels of terrible to everyone. The obvious one here is the human YouTube comment President-elect, but we’ll leave him off because the last thing we need is more internet articles about him. Enjoy!

1. The People Who Were Mad About Ghostbusters

Of all the terrible reboots to be upset about, Ghostbusters seems like a really silly one to send bloggers into a blind rage. Did you even see the Vacation movie? Now there’s a movie that ruined my childhood. However, there was one thing that was truly terrible about Ghostbusters. So bad, in fact, that it deserves a place on this list all its own.

2. The Fall Out Boy Version of the Ghostbusters Theme Song

Reboot the movies all you want, but for the love of Ray Parker Jr., why do they always feel the need to give us some bizarre, EDM version of the classic theme song? Unless you can get ’90s Will Smith in your theme song, we don’t need it.

3. The Division

There was so much hype and excitement around the Tom Clancy open world adventure, but with pretty much every aspect of the game broken upon release, it was hard to stick with it. There’s only so many times you want to battle against bad guys that are just dudes in hoodies that take 36,000 bullets to kill. I hear it’s better now, but it’s like when an ex tells you they’ve changed their ways; that ship has sailed, Elizabeth.

4. Facebook Comments

The year 2016 certainly transitioned Facebook from “Hey, there’s some pictures of my cousin’s new baby” to “Hey, almost everyone I went to high school with turned out to be racist!” You couldn’t post a link to a banana bread recipe without the comments devolving into an abyss of political arguments and name calling.

5. Martin Shkreli

No one in recent memory has embraced the role of  superhero villain quite like Shkreli. His company marked up the cost of medicines, he was indicted for running Ponzi-like schemes, and did it all while behaving like a wrestling heel on social media.

6. The Term “Netflix and Chill”

The term became synonymous for inviting someone over to your house with the intent of hooking up (which in many cases is true), but it ruined being able to actually invite someone over to watch a movie. Now you can’t have a Stranger Things marathon date without the implication of nudity in the near future.

7. The Mattress Company That Ran a  9/11  Sale Commercial

If you haven’t seen this one, buckle up.

8. “Thoughts and Prayers”

The general public hit a breaking point with politicians only offering “thoughts and prayers” after violent tragedies across the country, since these are the people that can actually put legislations in place to prevent these terrible events from happening. It just became the calling card of empty words backed up by no actions.

9. Chewbacca Mom

After going viral with a video of her sitting in a parking lot laughing like a hyena over a children’s toy, Candace Payne rode on a bicycle with someone in a Chewbacca suit and also ended racism with this single act.

10. CM Punk’s UFC Debut

Turns out you can’t just show up to the UFC and make an impact with no real training or experience. That was news to the former WWE star after Mickey Gall submitted Punk in the first round of their fight at UFC 203.

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11. Face Swaps on SnapChat

It was fun for about 2 days and then the novelty wore off, but that didn’t stop your friends from posting their face swapping results for the next six months. We get it; you have two different faces.

12. Every Meghan Trainor Song

I am convinced that no one is actually a Meghan Trainor fan and we’re all part of some elaborate experience to see how long we’ll all go without questioning it.

13. Harambe Memes That Just Won’t Die (No Pun Intended)

There’s a window of life for a meme, but after that, it has to go away in order to ironically resurface in the future. Harambe memes did not get that memo. When your grandparents are tired of a meme, you know it’s time to put it to rest.

14. The Walking Dead

Here’s a recap of every episode of The Walking Dead:

-Hey there’s a place that looks safe.

-This place seems suspicious.

-Oh no, this place is bad.

-Let’s fight our way out of here!

-Rinse and repeat for eternity.

15. Hot Takes From Celebrities

Dave Chappelle’s classic bit on hot takes from celebrities has never been more relevant than in 2016:

16. Articles About Amy Schumer

Hey, does anyone know if Amy Schumer had an epic takedown of an internet troll recently? Did she shut down any haters? I haven’t looked at my web browser in 14 seconds, so I’m not sure.

17. Suicide Squad

We had to endure Jared Leto talking about Jared Leto’s performance in Suicide Squad for what seemed like decades, only to have this big, fat pile of garbage dropped on us. If there’s any consolation, it’s that Leto is only in the movie for a few minutes, so it made him look like a bit of a dummy. Even despite atrocious reviews, the film made nearly $750 million in the US.

18. Ann Coulter

No one actually likes Ann Coulter, right? I honestly don’t know which is worse; the idea of her saying all those terrible things to pander to garbage people, or her saying those things because she truly believes them.

19. Ken Bone

If you went as Ken Bone for Halloween, please delete all the photos so you don’t have to explain it to your children when they find them years later. Do it for your family.

20. Fantasy Football

With a flood of injuries, 2016 stayed on par with 2015 fantasy football — just not being as enjoyable anymore. NFL ratings were down across the board as well. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to have to spend our Thursday nights watching the Browns verses the Jaguars?

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21. Fuller House

Some things should stay in the past and Full House was definitely one of them. The new season felt like when someone walks up to an aged celebrity and asks them to do their signature catch phrase. It was more depressing than nostalgic.

22. That McChicken Video

If you know what this is, then you definitely understand why it’s on the list. If you don’t know what it is, consider yourself lucky and live out the rest of your days happy and free.

23. The People Who Insisted On Explaining Why Stranger Things Was Actually Bad

With every great show comes that group of individuals that insist on finding things they don’t like about it so they can “Well, actually…” you at parties. Go away, you ghouls.

24. The Horrendous Movie Sequels

Let’s list them off, shall we?

Zoolander 2

Independence Day 2

Ride Along 2

Bad Santa 2

Jason Bourne

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Now You See Me 2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

London Has Fallen

There are others, but I’m sure the groaning you did while scrolling through that list is enough to get the point across. Clearly, not everything needs another installment.

25. The NRSC’s Tweet About Tammy Duckworth

It might not seem like that offensive of a tweet, until you realize that Tammy Duckworth lost her legs while fighting for America in Iraq. Probably not the best joke to make.

26. No Man’s Sky

Do you want a seemingly unlimited world with absolutely nothing to do in it? Boy, are you in luck!

27. Fake News Sites

Remember when poorly photoshopped memes were the only source of fake news on social media? Not anymore! Sites that purposely ran fake stories in order to get traffic peaked in 2016. But don’t tell that to your uncle because, according to him, facts are lies and TruthDiggerForDemocracy dot RealNews is the only reliable source for REAL information.

28. Selfie Sticks

You know you can just ask someone to take a picture for you, right?

29. YouTube “Prank” Channels

Somehow we went from, “Hey, let’s pop out of this box and yell BOO!” to “Hey, let’s run into a public place dressed like a Middle Eastern and pretend we’re going to blow them up!” That’s what our country needs for sure!

30. The Fact That Vine Lasted This Long

I’m less offended if you introduced yourself as a serial killer than a Vine Star.

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