Rapid Reviews | Why is ‘Passengers’ So Danged Creepy?

It’s one of the most inaccurately marketed movies of the year: Passengers, which the trailers want you to believe is a sci-fi romance about two people stranded in space, and technically is kind of that thing, but is actually something very different and a whole lot creepier than audiences are likely to expect.

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So what, exactly, happened here? How does Passengers take an idea that makes such a great trailer and transform it into a disturbing nightmare of dehumanization? You can read our illustrious film critic William Bibbiani’s review of Passengers to find out in detail, or read his interview with the director of Passengers about the film’s unsettling subtext, but we understand that you might be short on time. That’s why we have Rapid Reviews!

Just watch the video below to learn everything you desperately need to know about Passengers in just sixty seconds. Then come back next Friday for another rapid-fire episode of Rapid Reviews!

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