Watch a Key Scene From ‘Berlin Station’ Season 1 Finale

The first season of Berlin Station came to an end last night on Epix, and if you haven’t seen it yet then you should probably skip this post. There are major spoilers ahead, so consider yourselves warned!

By the end of the finale, there was a new “Thomas Shaw” in place to accept blame and responsibility for the actions of Hector DeJean. But it wasn’t until this episode that most of the major characters were clued in on who the real Thomas Shaw was, and how it fit in with the CIA’s unauthorized rendition and the conspiracy led by Hans Richter to destroy the Berlin Station.

Epix has passed along a scene from the season finale in which Daniel Miller finally revealed the truth about Shaw and himself to his shocked colleagues: Valerie Edwards, Sandra Abe, and Robert Kirsch.

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Of course, if you made it through the finale, you know that Daniel survived and seemingly assumed the identity of Shaw while Hector managed to free one of his former lovers from Saudi Arabia and fly off into the sunset. We know that Berlin Station was renewed for a second season, but the finale doesn’t leave much room for Steven Frost to remain with the agency. Will Valerie or Robert take over the station? And will Daniel continue the leaks that made Shaw infamous? It may be a while before we get additional answers, but we’re eager to see more of this show!

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Photo Credit: Anonymous Content/Paramount Television/EPIX