Exclusive Preview | ‘Salem’ Season 3 Episode 5

This season on WGN America’s Salem, Mary Sibley was called back from the grave to accomplish a single task: to murder her son before he raises Hell on Earth. Considering that Mary gave birth to the Devil, that’s no small task…even before she was stripped of her supernatural powers. But Mary is never truly powerless, and she may still have the means to save the world from her evil spawn.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview from this week’s episode of Salem, we see that Mary may have a surprising ally in her battle against her son: the fallen angel known as the Sentinel! While Mary starts turning the Sentinel against his unholy master, he confirms something important. There is a spy among the Essex witches, and not even the Sentinel knows who she is!

Here’s the extended description of tomorrow night’s episode from WGN America:

“Cotton returns just in time to save Anne from the Boy’s punishment. Tituba appears to Mary to make sure she’s okay, and Mary alerts Tituba about a possible traitor in the hive. Mary slowly starts to turn the Sentinel on the Boy by playing with the Sentinel’s emotions. Alden and Billy attempt to make their way back to Salem, but Billy is badly injured. Tituba accuses one of the Essex witches of being a traitor, but who could it be?”

The next episode of Salem season 3 will be broadcast on Wednesday, December 7 at 9:00 pm ET/PT, only on WGN America.

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Photo Credit: WGN America


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