Exclusive Preview | ‘Berlin Station’ Episode 8

Thomas Shaw struck again on last week’s Berlin Station, but now, at last, Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) knows who his real enemy is!

As the Epix original series heads towards its season 1 endgame, Berlin Station was rocked by the very public outing of Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins) as the head of station, following the disastrous operation that left Clare Itani (Zahra Ahmadi) dead. Considering that Clare’s lover was Hector DeJean (Rhys Ifans), the man behind the Thomas Shaw leaks, it was inevitable that he would lash out at Frost for that epic failure. But Frost wasn’t the only one to blame. Someone at the CIA authorized the extraordinary rendition that led to this mess, and Frost has even been framed as the fallguy and declared a fugitive in Germany!

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for this Sunday’s episode of Berlin Station, Frost’s longtime secretary and former lover, Sandra Abe (Tamlyn Tomita) finds herself facing questions from Esther Krug (Mina Tander) about Frost’s whereabouts. But Sandra won’t break down so easily…

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Here’s the description of this week’s episode from Epix:

“Fallout from the Iosava debacle will continue to wreak havoc on the Station. Danie will attempt to track down Frost and Kirsch will be asked to undercut Valerie as payback; Hector will find himself in the hot seat of a polygraph test.”

The eighth episode of Berlin Station will debut this Sunday, December 4 at 9pm, only on Epix!

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Photo Credit: Anonymous Content/Paramount Television/EPIX