Bully Learns Why You Don’t Pick On Those Larger Than You With One Punch

Whenever a bully is beating up on someone smaller and weaker than they are, some badass usually comes along out of the woodwork and says, “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” Well, logic and various news stories over the past several months dictate that when people do they, they end up getting their clocks cleaned. Why would a bully intentionally pick on someone who could clearly kick the living shit out of them? That’s the question you’ll likely be asking yourself after watching the following video out of the Netherlands. At the same time, you’ll secretly be egging the dumb brute on, as you just know he’s going to get exactly what’s coming to him.

Bully is Taken Down with One Punch:

Hot damn! And taken down by a lefty punch at that! No wonder his friends hardly wait until he’s fully conscious and aware of his surroundings to start laughing in his face.

Side note: Why do bullies in the Netherlands look like Macklemore? Who are they trying to intimidate? People with ears? Boom.

h/t Unilad

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