HBO’s New Doc Pearl Harbor: The Accused Uncovers Startling New Revelations

Seventy-five years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, HBO Canada presents a documentary that unearths fresh evidence about the tragic event in Pearl Harbor: The Accused.

The 90-minute documentary makes its debut Monday, December 5th at 9pm, offering an in-depth account of the unfolding attack through rare archival footage of the day and in-the-moment dramatic reconstruction. Following its premiere on HBO Canada, the historical thriller is available on demand and on TMN GO the next day.

Pearl Harbor: The Accused reveals new insight into events leading up to the attack. The documentary focuses on the story of Admiral Husband Kimmel, who was stripped of his rank, forced into obscurity, and accused of negligence. Working with Pulitzer-nominated author Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan, the documentary has exclusive access to their forthcoming book, a journalistic investigation of Pearl Harbor based on startling new evidence from thousands of newly unearthed documents, letters, photos, and cooperation from Kimmel’s family. The film exposes U.S. intelligence and military mistakes that allowed the early warning signs of the attack to be missed, as well as Kimmel’s scapegoating. A Matter of Honor: Pearl Harbor: Betrayal, Blame, and a Family’s Quest for Justice will be published in Canada on November 29, 2016 by Harper Collins.

Pearl Harbor: The Accused is directed by Christopher Spencer (Race for the White House, Son of God), and executive produced by Alan Handel, Handel Productions Montreal) and (Tom Brisley, Arrow Media U.K.).