MK’s New Single is Something Old, Something New… Something Fantastic

From the early techno tracks he created as a teenager in Detroit to the classic ‘90s House tunes he crafted with Alana (“Always,” Burning,” “Crazy, Crazy”) to his signature looping, trance-inducing, funk-laden remixes that turned original versions of tracks inside out and made them dance floor nitroglycerin – Nightcrawlers’ “Push the Feeling On (Dub of Doom,)” Masters at Work feat. India’s “I Can’t Get No Sleep (MK Mix,)” Terence Trent D’Arby’s “Surrender,”) – Marc Kinchen/MK has always been one of dance music’s most forward thinkers and artists. He’s a master of manipulating vocals and beats, bass & hi-hat, into something both escapist and magnetic. His new single, “My Love 4 U,” featuring the sweet spot vocals of A*M*E*, is him stepping up to claim what’s his after so many others have eaten off his style for years. (Calvin Harris in particular owes him big time.) There are signature MK flourishes in place here – keyboard riffs that grab hold of your ear and won’t let go; the ebb and flow of the drum pattern – with A*M*E* crooning sexily and soulfully over it all. This is vintage House pointing toward the future.

Top image courtesy Step On magazine.