Angry No Man’s Sky Players are Raising Money for Charity Because Sean Murray Won’t Speak to Them

The No Man’s Sky subreddit has been one of the more interesting corners of the internet for the course of the past year. Prior to the game’s release, its users shared an almost cult-like appreciation of what they believed would be a “masterpiece” from Hello Games, only to be let down when it finally launched. While critics didn’t exactly heap praise on the space exploration game, r/NoMansSkyTheGame has been particularly venomous when it comes to their opinion of the finished product, along with Hello Games’ founder Sean Murray.

With the subreddit continuing to plead for Sean Murray to break his silence and discuss the game with them, as though that will magically make the game any better, its head moderator has now organised a charity page for those who are displeased with Murray and his game to donate to. In a post titled ’90 Days of silence from Hello Games about their game. Sean Murray, we’ve come to bargain,’ mod BaRKy1911 explains how his intentions are to make people stop criticizing the subreddit, writing: “If we could take some of the anger and turn it into a good cause then we’re better than anybody who can claim this place to be ‘toxic.'”


The charity campaign that the subreddit has set up, which has been titled ‘No Man’s Sky The Game’s Journey Against Cancer,’ is looking to raise money for Cancer Research UK, with it currently having gathered over £1,000 ($1243) in less than a day. However, the charity page does not go without once again criticizing No Man’s Sky and Hello Games, starting from its very first paragraph. Under the ‘Why is this happening?’ section of the campaign, BaRKy1911 writes:

“There was a game called No Mans Sky, announced in 2014, that captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of people, even millions. It was very much a dream for the entire development process as features were promised, but many were not delivered on. Sean Murray, the managing director of the company and effectively the face of the marketing for this game straight up lied about a lot of stuff. And following him being caught out on his lies, with the game being released, he’s gone completely silent, and the game has been effectively abandoned. This may sound pessimistic in a sense, but the potential future of the game is very dire.”

Along with combining the productive act of raising money for charity along with the very unproductive act of still complaining about a game that was released 3 months ago, r/NoMansSkyTheGame’s moderators also say that if Sean Murray makes it to 110 days without discussing the game, they will do something “a bit more local” to mark the occasion.

Image Credit: Christian Petersen / Getty Images