Michael Fulmer, Okla. Plumber, Just Won ‘AL Rookie Of The Year’

Detroit Tigers hurler Michael Fulmer just won the American League ‘Rookie Of The Year’ award. With a 3.06 ERA, 132 Ks and 11 wins in his first season in the Bigs, the 23-year old has a bright future ahead of him in Major League Baseball.

So why is he working as a plumber in the off-season?

Fulmer is making the Major League minimum of $507,500. But right now he’s back at home supplementing his baseball salary working for Cyrus Wright Plumbing in Yukon, Okla.

Detroit Free Press

He was in backyards around the Oklahoma City area digging ditches and changing sewer lines. Replacing old Orangeburg pipes with new PVC pipes. In basements exchanging water heaters, in kitchens replacing sinks and faucets, in bathrooms fixing leaky toilets …

… “I don’t cut him any slack,” Larry Wright, Fulmer’s boss at Cyrus Wright Plumbing, a small, long-standing family business in Yukon, Okla., said. “He digs ditches and gets dirty and does whatever needs to be done.”…

…“It’s a different kind of workout,” Fulmer said. “Digging out of 6-foot ditches all the time and shoveling quite a bit. So, it’s a different type of workout, and it helps before I start working out in the off-season.”

Who doesn’t want to root for a guy with an epic beard who digs ditches and fixes pipes in the off-season??

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.