Documentary P.K. Subban Skate Past The Noise: The Off-Season Premieres On HBO Canada

With an all-access pass to one of the world’s most elite athletes, HBO Canada laces up for P.K. Subban Skate Past The Noise: The Off-Season, premiering Friday, November 18th at 10pm.

The new original documentary is a Bell Media co-commission between premium English-language Pay TV service, The Movie Network, and leading French-language networks RDS and Canal D.

With a running time of just under an hour, this up-close-and-personal documentary tells the story of one of hockey’s biggest personalities and features unparalleled access to his inner circle. As Subban faces a major turning point in his career, the electric defenseman bids adieu to Montréal. The film follows Subban during the 2016 off-season while the star is at home in Toronto, preparing for the next chapter of his life and career in Nashville.

“My number one goal is to win a Stanley Cup and it all starts with how you prepare yourself during the off-season,” said P.K. Subban in a press release. “It was the longest of my career so far, but I looked at it as an opportunity to become the best teammate and player I could be. It was definitely an eventful few months, but I’m excited to give people inside access like never before.”