This Video Of Infuriating ‘Unsatisfying’ Moments Will Probably Destroy You

I’m sure you folks have seen plenty of videos filled with people failing — I mean, it’s totally entertaining. It probably wasn’t very entertaining for the people who tried to be cool and failed miserably because they had to live that moment (or moments), but it was sure as hell fun for us to watch. And the biggest fails in history is amazing because it didn’t happen to us. But the montage below? Yeah, not as fun, because chances are all these damn horrible things have happened to you at least once in your life time.

The video below, done by a motion design studio in Paris called Parallel Productions, pretty much is a collection of shitty life occurrences. You know, the ones that have happened to all of us, so we can all relate. Because misery loves company. Check out the video and feel the pain all over again.

This Video Of Infuriating ‘Unsatisfying’ Moments Will Probably Destroy You

How the hell can someone be happy after watching that video? Answer: They can’t. Because now everyone of you is remembering the time that these moments happened to you. And here’s the thing: They are bound to happen again.

h/t Huffington Post

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