Exclusive Premiere | Get Caught In The L00ps

For an artist, creating is innate. Every time you step into a studio, pick up a pen or snap a picture isn’t so much a choice, but a need to do you. For Alexis Moraites of house pop trio, Overjoy, making songs or music videos is something that lives inside her and wants to get out.

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The young and restless singer/songwriter/producer’s latest project is LOOps, a side/solo project that she’s crafted and curated with a little help from her friends. The result is “Case The Joint”, a lo-fi burner that Crave is exclusively premiering.

I chatted with Moraites about her real-life Entourage experience, who we might get caught in the LOOps next and why doing it yourself is the best cure for creative constipation.

Crave: Okay, I just Googled you and one of the first things that pops up is a YouTube video of you singing with Vinny Chase (Adrian Grenier) slapping the bass. Do tell?

Alexis Moraites: Adrian has been such a gust of ‘yeah, that’s right. You belong here’ to me in this process. We met at a party in Malibu, (which felt like I was wandering around in an outtake of Entourage). I sent him my music and he offered for me to come to his place in Brooklyn to create content for his brand, Wreckroom (Records). It’s the loveliest idea. He being a philanthropist in many ways, thought it was important to help incubate the amazing artists he comes in contact with. Giving them an opportunity to have something polished to put out into the world. I worked with his close knit crew of artists, including his band, “The Skins”. He’d say, ‘What do u want? A violin?’ He’d pick up the phone and there would be one at the door. He uses his power to empower. 

What does “LOOps” allow you to do that’s different than Overjoy or any other projects you’ve worked on in the past?

In its essence, whatever the fuck I want. If I want to make a song in a night, a video in a day, I do it. I don’t have to wait for anyone’s ‘OK.’ I understand my product isn’t as shiny as a lot of things out there, but there wasn’t a moment that any of it had enough time to be contrived. I hope that holds weight somewhere. 

L00ps Press

The project is called LOOps because you want to include other artists, friends, etc? Can anyone join in on the fun?

As long as it’s tight, the idea comes from a real place not just ‘oh, hey here’s the formula for a hit, let’s have a go.’ Also, no assholes allowed in the loop. There can only be one.

Who would be your dream music partner?

I really love Gabriel Garzon Montano. He’s got a wonderful one-man show for most of his performances. Also, he’s got soul for centuries. 

Your cousin is Myles Moraites who has produced songs for Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar and others. Is music a big of part of your family?

Yeah. All my dad’s brothers were inclined somehow. I think our two fathers had the most of it inside them. His father, Bill, shreds. My father is more of a singer and entertainer. He’s got a voice like Louie Armstrong.

Will Myles ever be in “the loop”?

Myles just came to visit and we had a great talk about bringing back the Moraites name. He took me to a Juicy J session where I got to hear everything he’s been working on. I don’t necessarily make hip hop, but the twist he puts on the genre was so enlivening. We are definitely looking to work on some things in the new year.

The E.P. is a mood melange, but “I Know” keeps drawing me back. It has an unconventional sound, but there’s something about it that just sticks. 

Oh, That song was a blast to make. I really wanted to make a “tuff” song with a rolling baseline and some ‘GFY’ vocals. Metty (Overjoy bandmate) and I were writing one day. A topic for us is always trying to balance being a wild and a true artist and not going overboard to which I said from across the room ‘Yeah, yeah, I know.’ Once that bass line came, everything else was like ‘yeah, we’ve been here waiting.’

Your approach of writing, recording and putting it out there is a very DIY method that you see a lot in hip hop, but not other genres. 

Because I am an artist. I am not a business person. As hard as I may try to care about the logistics of what happens after I create, I pretty much forget to care.

That doesn’t fit into the classic record label advice of waiting until it’s absolutely perfect and coming up with a marketing strategy to release it, etc.

People say ‘Oh no, you need to be more on it! You need to care about where the money is going, who’s stealing it? How you can capitalize.’ Those components of the business seem like the fear based devolution that brings modern music farther and farther away from the heart. You wanna steal my song? Keep it. I just found another one behind your ear.

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