Match The Controversial Donald Trump Quote With The Woman It Refers To

Photo credit: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump is a master of words simply because what he utters doesn’t merely waft into thin air.  It holds firm like a gymnastic champion’s landing or a Confederate flag standing proudly on a red state capitol’s grounds.  He is also a lover of women.  So much so that he’s spoken of grabbing them by the vagina whether they like it or not.  It is that kind of bravery and leadership that has earned him the hard fought title of Presidential nominee from a grateful Republican party.

Now, if a woman is a bit uppity or just too damn attractive, his masterful words can take a biting turn.  But because they come from Donald Trump, she really should just be flattered that he is even talking about her at all.  The lamestream media may label these particular words “controversial” or even “insults.”  But to Trump fans and their admirers, they are all part of a long game to dominate and conquer the nefarious status quo.  So in the spirit of gamesmanship, we invite you to dominate and conquer our fun quiz provided below.  See if you can match Trump’s statement with the woman he is speaking about in your effort to make America great again!

Match The “Controversial” Donald Trump Quote With The Woman It Refers To:

donald trump quote

And just in case you can’t read upside down, here’s that answer key on its flip side:

A – 8,  B – 10,  C – 2,  D – 5,  E – 3,  F – 4,  G – 9,  H – 7,  I – 14,  J – 1,  K – 6,  L – 13,  M – 11,  N – 12

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