Dude Uses A Massive Traffic Jam As An Opportunity To Practice His Basketball Moves

No one is a fan of traffic jams, as they are on the list of unanimous things everyone hates with a passion (being at the DMV is obviously number one). But one dude made lemonade out of lemons (god that expression sickens me), when he decided to get out of his car and practice his basketball handling skills.

Sure, sometimes a mascot starts a brawl at a basketball game, and sometimes a poor kid gets hit in the face by a crotch during a fail dunk, but this time around the news isn’t so negative because it’s just a dude doing what he loves. Unless he also loves ramming his crotch into people’s faces — that I don’t know.

The massive traffic jam on U.S. Highway 101 between Redwood City and San Carlos kicked off because of an RV that was driving from a rocket hobby show during rush hour — an RV that was carrying rockets and a half-full, 100-gallon tank of propane, and it caught on fire after one of the rockets exploded. Smooth. There were two people and two dogs in the RV, and somehow no one was hurt. But hey, that didn’t stop this dude from doing this:


You can’t blame the dude because look at how far the traffic went back. This is pretty much hell on earth:


And if you weren’t messing around with a basketball you were just chilling like these folks.


Photo: NBC Bay Area

h/t SB Nation

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