Indians Fans Want Charlie Sheen, AKA ‘Wild Thing,’ To Throw World Series’ First Pitch

It didn’t take long for Cleveland Indians fans to call for ‘Wild Thing’ following their American League championship Wednesday.

Major League may be the best baseball movie ever made. The 1989 film is a cult classic, featuring Rick Vaughn (played by Charlie Sheen, pictured above), a young, hot-head pitcher just out of prison who has an incredible arm but has little to no control over the plate.

The fictional ’89 team was an assembled group of misfits who went on to win a ton of games. This real 2016 squad has a chance to bring Cleveland their first World Series title since 1948.

Evidently fans still want Vaughn, er, Sheen, to be their good luck charm before Game 1 next week.

What’s even better? Sheen’s response.

I’m not even a Cleveland fan, but I am a huge fan of Major League. Indians, make this happen!

The players have already embraced the movie. First baseman/DH Mike Napoli and second baseman Jason Kipnis have reportedly constructed a shrine in an empty clubhouse stall resembling ‘Pedro Cerrano’s’ voodoo idol, “Jobu,” leaving him gifts such as rum and cigars.

The Cubs are just one win away from their first World Series since the 1940s. If they get in there’s no question we need to see ‘Henry Rowengartner‘ again.


Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.



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