Exclusive Premiere | Henri PFR Is The Latest Big EDM Thing

Henri PFR is the latest DJ/producer wunderkind that seems to pop-up on music blogs as the “next big thing” every time I refresh my page. What sets the 21 year-old Belgian apart is his ability to create streaming-friendly songs that appeal to a wide base yet don’t sound contrived. Like Kygo and Flume, the music he makes is less “guilty pleasure,” and simply “good shit.” 

The numbers back it up as he’s racked up 87 million overall views on YouTube, as well as 16 million plays on SoundCloud in one year.

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Crave is exclusively premiering Henri PFR’s latest single, “Until The End” featuring Raphaella. The feel-good anthem is vacation ready, with a rising tide of breezy synths, tropical percussions and sing-along vocals from Raphaella.

I had a chance to chat with Henri PFR over email about breaking his DJ virginity, what PFR means and what’s the record he couldn’t live without.

I love breaking in stories. What was your first DJ gig like? What was the first song you played?

My first show was at my best friend’s brother birthday party. I was 14 years old! Back then I still was using vinyls to mix. Even though there was maximum 10 people I was so stressed out!

First song I played must have been David Guetta’s “Sexy Bitch.” Haha! No comment 🙂

What does PFR stand for?

It’s very easy. My last name is Peiffer. I just took away the vowels and kaboom! It became P-F-R that you pronounce letter by letter.

We’re premiering “Until The End feat. Raphaella.” Tell us a story about the song (meaning or process)? 

“Until The End” is about an unlimited love story… We have all, or know someone who has, been ready to do anything for the one we love… until the end. I loved working with the amazing Raphaella on that track because we really understood each other in what we both wanted to say in that tune. It has emotional lyrics with a very catchy melody and drop.

As a DJ who travels the world, what’s the first place you visit when drop into a city besides the venue (ie — restaurant, bar, bookstore, etc)?

I always try to take some time off in a city when I’m on tour and like every good tourist I Google the must see/do. I love visiting monuments and historic sites and of course always make sure to try culinary specialities. What is amazing is thanks to my music I know can travel the world and share my music. I’m writing this from the airport on my way to Thailand where I can’t wait to taste the food.

You’re stuck on a deserted island with one record? What is it?

“Until The End” of course what else? Hahah! Seriously… that’s a tough one because I love music of all genres so much it’s hard to choose. But, since you’ve challenged me, I think it would be “Angie” by the Rolling Stones or maybe a good Pink Floyd tune.