The 14 Most Important ‘90s Comedies

Photo: 20th Century Fox (Getty).

Like my Most Important ‘80s Comedies think piece, this list has been a labor of love. Comedy is my genre, and though the ‘90s weren’t as important as the ‘80s — culturally speaking — these films still represent some of the best straight comedies ever. Keep in mind, these examples are all about the funny, as opposed to rom-coms, dramedies, or other such hybrids that will eschew a laugh or two in lieu of story. Further to laughability, these far-from-definitive selections are also based upon unequal parts of quotability, bankability, and boundary-breakability. As if those rules weren’t subjective enough, any movie I’ve seen more than 50 times is also on the list, which is at least eight of them. Now, let’s get to the laughs.

The 14 Most Important ‘90s Comedies:

If this list has taught us nothing else, it’s that the comedy film genre is in desperate need of a resurgence.

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