Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks: A Complete Rundown

Pokemon Sun and Moon has suffered a huge leak, with a large portion of its Pokedex having been revealed as a result of its demo having been data mined.

(SPOILERS ahead).

The data-mined information has revealed a number of sprites for unannounced Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon, including the final evolutions for all three starter Pokemon. These can be viewed below:

You can check out the rest of the information obtained from the leaks below:

New Alolan Forms

The new Alolan forms of a variety of existing Pokemon, including Meowth, Geodude and Dugtrio, have been revealed:

Starter Pokemon and New Evolutions

81 new Pokemon have been unearthed in total, along with new Evolutions for existing Pokemon. There will be no new Pokemon types, but this is an awful lot of Pokemon for us to capture nonetheless:

New Pre-Evolutions

New Pre-Evolutions for Solgaleo and Lunala were also revealed:


Island Deities

The sprites for the four island deities have been uncovered:

Magearna, Marshadow and Silvally

Here’s the sprite for Mythical Pokemon Magearna, the mysterious Marshadow and the various coloring for the Synthetic Pokemon Silvally:


Shiny Pokemon

The Shiny Pokemon revealed include Alola Ninetales, Zygarde and new looks for Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s starter Pokemon:

Ash Ketchum

It’s uncertain whether or not Ash Ketchum, the star of the Pokemon anime, will make an appearance in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but he is referenced in the game nonetheless. Two new forms in the game – Ash-Greninja and Ash-Pikachu – focus upon the bond shared between the player and the trainer (you can learn more about that under New Abilities), with images of Ash-Pikachu showing the Pokemon wearing a selection of different hats. There’s no word on whether or not Ash and his Pikachu will actually appear in the game, but nonetheless here’s a selection of cute sprites featuring everyone’s favorite pocket monster:


New Moves

A selection of brand new Pokemon moves were also revealed. These include:

  • Psychic Terrain – Pokemon on the ground will not be hit by priority moves, while the power of all Psychic moves will be boosted.
  • Aurora Veil – Reduces the power of Special and Physical attacks by 50% for 5 turns.
  • Throat Chop – Pokemon are unable to use any move that produces sound for 2 turns.
  • Laser Focus – The turn after the player uses the move Laser Focus always produces a Critical Hit.


New Abilities

  • Stakeout – If the target switches out, all damage dealt to their replacement is doubled.
  • Battle Bond – After a Greninja defeats a rival Pokemon, its bond with its trainer is increased and it becomes Ash-Greninja. Its Water Shuriken move becomes more powerful as a result.


You can check out more information pertaining to these data mined leaks in the below video from YouTuber Kaphotics:


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