Exclusive Premiere | Discover The Fountain Of Le Youth

Le Youth reverse engineers the current pop trend of incorporating dance music into R&B music favored by the likes of The Weeknd and Rhianna. The LA-based DJ/producer’s airy synthesizer grooves are built on a house music foundation with silky smooth R&B vocals adding color, shape and dimension.

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The result is music that’s made for getting down on the dance floor or kitchen floor. I chatted with Le Youth (real name Wes James) over email about his recently launched label (Homewerk), his favorite R&B song of all-time and the remix of his hit song, “Me Without You (PWNDTIAC Remix)” which we’re exclusively premiering on Crave.

Crave: What will your new label Homewerk add to the dance music scene?   

Le Youth: With Homewerk I want to create a home for great, timeless music – that’s it. I don’t want to attach it to any scene or follow a trend – that’s not my style. Homewerk is an extension of me.

Being in LA, is there any music artist you think is about to break out?

I think Goldroom is going to have a great year. Also Latroit (Static Revenger) is doing big things.

You’re currently on tour. What’s the first place you visit when you arrive at a city?

I like to find somewhere I can get good food and a glass of wine. I usually arrive without a lot of time before my set. In those situations it’s typically room service.

I really dig the the way you incorporate R&B into your dance music. What was the first R&B song you fell in love with?

Fabolous featuring Tamia “So Into You.” One of my favorite songs of all time. I don’t remember when I first heard it, but when I started sampling older records I rediscovered it and fell in love.

Tell us how the “Me Without You (PWNDTIAC Remix)” came about?

I got turned on to PWNDTIAC through a mutual friend. I think he did a great job.

As someone who remixes other artist’s songs how does it feel to be on the other side?

It’s always fun hearing what people do to your tracks, hearing the song interpreted differently can be really refreshing.

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