This Fan Theory About Andy’s Mom In ‘Toy Story’ Is Pretty Damn Wild

Photo: Pixar

While it’s not creepy like realizing that Tom Hanks’ Big is actually the creepiest story ever told, this Toy Story theory brought forth by a fan is actually one that holds weight.

The theory, given light by film critic and Pixar obsessed fan Jon Negroni, focuses on the first two Toy Story movies, where Andy and Woody can both seen wearing cowboy hats. Now here is where it kicks off.

This Fan Theory About Andy’s Mom In ‘Toy Story’ Is Pretty Damn Wild


Photo: Pixar

After analyzing the Toy Story series like any grown man would, Negroni points out that Andy’s hat is not the same hat as Woody’s, but wears the same hat as Jessie (who was forgotten by her owner). Both Jessie’s hat and Andy’s hat have a white twine around the edge, but Woody does not. What?????


Photo: Pixar

Jessie’s hat has a white band around the middle, but that seems to be missing from Andy’s. Instead,  it seems that there is a  faded mark where a band used to be.

In Toy Story 2 (the worst of the bunch obviously) Jesse tells Woody and company her story of being given away by her original owner Emily, when she became too old to play with her. See where this is going?

During flashbacks, a little girl (Emily) is wearing a red cowgirl hat (the same as Andy’s) and is seen playing with Jesse in her room decorated with 1960’s posters, meaning her original owner would now be old enough to be a mother.


In conclusion, there is a hell of a good chance that Jesse’s original owner is none other than Andy’s mom. It also seems that spending this much time on this is not healthy. Although, we can always just spend time watching the video of a kid who swallowed a squeaky toy.

What do you folks think? Is Andy’s mom Jesse’s owner? This is important, obviously.


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