Shia LeBeouf, Cats & Buffy Heading To Sydney Opera House For New Pop Culture Festival Bingefest

There’s a new pop culture festival called Bingefest, and it’s heading to the Sydney Opera to celebrate all things memes, Netflix, cats, and basically anything worth looking at on the internet right now.

“It’s a 24-hour+++ take over of the Opera House. [A] total celebration of culture in TV, podcasts, the Internet,” explains the event’s curator Danielle Harvey.

“I think of it as an anti holiday or Orphan’s Christmas kind of event.”

The lineup is a genuine knockout headed up by the ever confusing entertaining Shia LeBeouf, who will bring with him Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner – they’re the trio behind “I’m not famous anymore” and #TouchMySoul, and they’re predictably planning something completely unpredictable. It’s being billed as a new participatory performance artwork which will be done over two consecutive nights from midnight until 6am on the first and 10pm until 6am on the second.

If you’re frightened by the possibilities of that, there are far less scary events on the bill. There’s a Buffy Bing-A-Thon, which will play the best eps of the ’90s television show through the night to celebrate its 20th anniversary. But if you’re more of a gamer, consoles with Street Fighter will be set up for 24 hours so you can play to your heart’s content.

By now you’re probably already in heaven, but it doesn’t stop there. The best videos of cats will be played on the Opera House forecourt, so you can spend a summer night doing what you’d normally do to procrastinate with a backdrop of Sydney Harbour.

There’s also a memorial for our sweet prince Harambe the gorilla… kind of. Dan Ilic will lead a panel of internet experts, recapping the biggest viral trends of the year which will, of course, feature plenty of Harambe chat.

It’s all set to go down from 17th to 19th December and tickets go on sale 14th October. Check out the full program here.


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