Man Wearing Horse Mask Recreates ‘Bojack Horseman’ Opening Because Why The Hell Not

You should be very aware by now that there is no end to what the internet will do for a viral LOL and this is a prime example of that.

A man has recreated the opening credits for Netflix cartoon ‘Bojack Horseman‘ with just a horse mask and a camera. 

The man, who goes simply by the name of ‘dinsfire’, moves through the same scenes as the cartoon in a very unnecessary but strangely interesting attempt to bring cartoon to real life.

To be fair to cartoon Bojack, he does fail to fall as far as him when plunging into the pool. Although he does pick up points for actually committing to plunging into a pool with a horse mark which can’t have made it easy to breathe.

All up, it’s a really clever adaption and, if nothing else, it’s reminded us to re-watch the show which continues to get better and pick up more fans. 

Watch both the IRL version and the cartoon version below.