College Dorm Room Being Haunted By Possible Ghost Of Dead Student Captured On Video (NSFW Language)

Anyone familiar with the Reddit thread NoSleep probably doesn’t get a lot themselves considering it’s all about original ghost stories. And we’re not talking about fictional stories either (although we’re sure some people do make stuff up, so take the following with a grain of salt). One such post involves a freshman who has recently moved into Room 169 of his new dorm, which is apparently the oldest and spookiest on campus. To paint you a clearer picture, there is a mural outside his door of people getting lynched.

Long story short, upon moving in, creepy things started happening almost immediately, with the student describing the first incident as follows: “My first night there, I’m hanging out with my roommate Rob. He’s playing some shit on his PC, I’m playing on my PS4, we both have our headphones in. Suddenly we hear some slight knocking. I get up, open the door, nobody is outside, I immediately forget this happen.” But it didn’t stop there, and even got worse and more frequent. After realizing the strange knocking was actually coming from inside the room (namely, his closet), he decided it was time to start documenting:

As you can see, this is hardly a problem that could simply be ignored. Not knowing where to turn, he began inquiring around campus about his room specifically, until he found an answer via an upperclassman that made things even more unnerving — a student had committed suicide in the very same room the year before. Time to get the camera rolling again:

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the videos posted don’t appear to be fabricated (at least in any glaringly obvious ways). So what do you think? Do we have a good old-fashioned haunting on our hands? Or is this yet another viral hoax to get us all to pee our pants for no reason? I mean, that whole ukulele thing at the end did seem a bit tacky, didn’t it?

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