The Poopercut: Classic Movie Quotes Made Crappy

Photo: Columbia Pictures

We added the word “poop” to some of the most iconic lines in movie history because we are mature. Don’t asks us why we did this or if we put much thought into it, just know that we had a hell of a time adding “poop” to famous lines. Will this make you laugh? It really should because it’s so absurd and insane that you won’t help but too laugh. So if you’ve ever wondered what movies like A Few Good MenForrest Gump and Fight Club would be like if “poop” was added, well don’t worry because Mandatory is here for you. And the results are glorious.

The Poopercut: Classic Movie Quotes Made Crappy

The Poopercut

Now after watching that isn’t that something that you always needed in your life? Of course it was. Now anytime you watch the movies featured in the video above you’re going to think of this glorious video that we made for you all.

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