How Much Will These Celebrities Cost You?

Did you know Justin Bieber will perform at your bar mitzvah? Or that Paris Hilton will DJ your wedding? For a cost, of course. Here’s a rundown of the celebs for hire, as well as their going rates.

Kanye once collected a cool $3 million to perform at an Middle Eastern billionaire’s daughter’s sweet 16. We’re guessing she still also got a car. Hell, probably a G6 and a yacht as well.

If you’ve got a million dollars to burn (and very little self-respect) you can book Bieber to serenade the ladies at your private event.

Regardless of how old they are, they refuse to undersell themselves. If you want your very own Eagles extravaganza, that’ll be $6 million dollars, please.

4) Paris Hilton

For Paris to grace your party with her “renowned” DJing skills, she’ll charge you hourly, at a rate of between $100,000 – $350,000.

Why buy a house, when for that same price of just $500,000, you can have Drake sing happy birthday to you?

Jenny from the block charges $1 million to shake it at private parties these days.

If you’re throwing yourself a post-divorce bash accompanied with soulful breakup songs, having Adele there to help you make it through will set you back $750,000.

Need some entertainment on the cheap? Pharrell’s rate will make you pretty happy — he’s a steal at $175,000.