Current NBA Stars If They Played in the ABA

If you’ve been following sports business news lately, you may have heard about the NBA trying to buy their way out (to the tune of $500 million) of the terrible deal they signed with two former ABA team owners in 1976 when the NBA merged with the ABA. This news was enough to get our minds wandering and eventually wondering: What would today’s NBA stars look like if they played in the old ABA days?

LeBron James
lebron james, lebron james ABA, lebron james afro

Kevin Durant
kevin durant, kevin durant ABA, kevin durant mustache

Kevin Love
kevin love, kevin love ABA, kevin love afro

Carmelo Anthony
carmelo anthony, carmelo anthony ABA, carmelo anthony short shorts

Paul George
paul george, paul george ABA, paul george afro

Kyrie Irving
kyrie irving, kyrie irving ABA, kyrie irving mustache

Paul Pierce
paul pierce, paul pierce ABA, paul pierce afro

Dirk Nowitzki
dirk nowitzki, dirk nowitzki ABA, dirk nowitzki short shorts

James Harden
james harden, james harden ABA, james harden goatee sideburns

Blake Griffin
blake griffin, blake griffin ABA, blake griffin short shorts
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