New and Improved ‘Breaking Bad’ Predictions

walt sitting by pool, breaking bad rabid dog


Another week, another round of excellent “Breaking Bad” predictions from your favorite gang at Mandatory. In case you missed it, here is what we dished out last week, and after another intense episode we’ve had to make some adjustments. Let us know what you think about our “Breaking Bad” predictions for the remaining four episodes. Here we go:

Jesse Leads Hank to Walt’s Money – Gary Dudak

Everyone is trying to decipher what Jesse meant near the end of “Rabid Dog” when he called Walt and told him he was going to get him where he really lived. Here’s more of the quote: “This is just a heads-up that I’m comijesse phone call, breaking bad rabid dogng for you. I decided that burning down your house is nothing…next time, I’m gonna get you where you really live.” Let’s examine that. He brings up nearly torching Walt’s house and says it’s nothing. I interpret that to mean it’s nothing because Walt could always buy a new house. And why is that? Because Walt has millions of dollars. He once told Jesse that he is in the “empire business,” and the quickest way to destroy his empire (where he really lives) is to take away his money. I predict Jesse will lead Hank to where Walt buried his cash (possibly assisted by the lottery ticket on Walt’s refrigerator), and will attempt to burn it all.

Todd’s Dying Words Screw Walt – Rob Fee

Well since Jesse didn’t die last week, he’s probably going to live. Walt is going to send in Todd and the boys (great band name, by the way) to take him out, but he doesn’t know he’s under DEA protection. They’ll get shot up and Todd will reveal to Hank with his dying words that it was Walt who sent them. Now they have proof that Walt at least ordered a hit so they can go after him. Walt is in big trouble now because the rest of Todd’s family is pissed that he got Todd killed and the DEA is after him for his life of crime. His house gets vandalized by Todd’s family and he’s forced to arm himself for one last huge battle.

Hank DiesCory Jones

As we close in on the end of the series, I’m predicting something big to happen in episode 5 (if it doesn’t, I’m going to be very disappointed.) Todd and his family will attempt to put the hit on Jesse, but instead they will kill Hank (who will ironically be defending Jesse). Once Hank is dead, Marie will completely freak out and attempt to poison Walt (if you recall, she was talking about poisons during her meeting with her psychiabreaking bad hanktrist), but she will then accidentally poison Skyler, and possibly Walt Jr. (if she puts her poison in a breakfast burrito).

Jesse Gets Back in the Meth Biz to Smoke Todd Out – Cory Dudak

Jesse said he plans to get Walt where he “really lives,” but I think a lot of people are misconstruing that as his family. I predict that Jesse is actually talking about the drug world, where Walt thrives. Jesse is going to convince Hank that the only way to take Walt down at his own game is to let him cook and distribute meth, and try to pass it off as Walt’s famous blue stuff. Remember, Jesse is the only other person who can cook meth almost as purely as Walt, and if Todd catches wind of someone moving in on his newfound turf, he’s going to be out for blood. I think Jesse is smart enough to know that Walt will send Todd and his guys after him, so he’s going to try and beat him to the punch.

Ted Beneke Resurfaces – Matt Branham

I think it’s time for a Ted Beneke entrance…you know he isn’t just disappearing and staying quiet; that never happens. With only four episodes left, things need to start picking up since not that much has really happened thus far. I think Ted will be looking for either more money, or Hank will somehow use Ted as a missing piece. Jesse said he wants to get Walt where he really lives, and that’s his family, not his house. He’ll confess to everything if it means saving his family, and Ted Beneke holds an outstanding “fuck you Walt” card that could condemn Skyler and potentially rob his family of everything he’s work for.

walt and walt jr. hugging

Walt Jr. Finally Figures Out That His Dad is an Evil Drug Lord – Paul Ulane

Walt seems more out of sorts than he has ever been. Getting rejected by Jesse, someone he has always been able to manipulate to his liking, throws him into complete disarray. He’s also got his cancer coming back and his family out of the house. This fluid state of affairs makes it harder and harder to maintain his web of lies. Don’t forget that Skyler has turned into a win-at-all-costs accomplice who doesn’t mind talking openly about offing threats to the family. With this all swirling around him, Walt will be discussing serious options about what to do next with Skyler when Junior creeps up from around the corner and hears everything by accident. Once the cat is out of the bag, he will demand his parents explain exactly what is going on (over breakfast).