Get Ready For a Doctor Strange & Punisher Team-Up Comic

Unless you’ve read Marvel’s Original Sin miniseries, you may have missed a rare team-up between the Punisher and Doctor Strange as they attempted to solve the murder of the Watcher. In the comic book realm, Strange and the Punisher (a.k.a. Frank Castle) have barely interacted at all for decades, but they’re about to get a high-profile adventure together.

According to Comic Book Resources, writer John Barber and artists Jason Muhr and Andrea Broccardo will be the creative team on Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets, an eight-part digital first miniseries beginning next month. Michael Walsh will be the cover artist and the story will play off of Strange’s new status quo, which has significantly depowered him and stripped away most of his mystic abilities. Judging by the looks of the cover, it appears that Strange is picking up a few pointers from Castle.

Doctor Strange and the Punisher Magic Bullets

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“In this story, Frank gets in over his head, realizes that he’s in over his head in something that involves magic, and goes to Strange to try and get help,” explained Barber while speaking to CBR. “He doesn’t realize that Strange is not as all-powerful as Frank imagined he was. I think Strange can kind of learn from the way Punisher approaches this stuff. The tactics of an ex-Marine turned vigilante can help the Sorcerer Supreme in a way they wouldn’t a few months ago.” Barber added that “the threats are all new, but the story will have some ties to not only the histories of Strange and Punisher, but the history of magic in the Marvel Universe. There will be something that dates back to the events of World War I. I think these unexpected appearances as the series goes on will be a lot of fun for long time readers.”

Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets # 1 will be released digitally in October, with a print edition to follow in December.

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Photo Credit: Marvel Comics