New ‘Legion’ Teaser Features Aubrey Plaza’s Marvel Debut

Next year, FX and Marvel TV are teaming up to bring one of the X-Men’s most powerful characters to television in Legion. Along the way, former Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza was one of the most surprising additions to the cast, considering her rising status as a film star. Plaza does have some comic book movie experience from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which may be the most gloriously Canadian comic book movie ever made. But this will be her first time in a Marvel related project.

Will Plaza play one of Marvel’s mutant heroines or a familiar supporting character? We still don’t know for sure who she is portraying, but we finally got our first glimpse of her in a bizarre new teaser for Legion. Plaza’s unkempt character is seen to the right of Dan Stevens’ David Heller in this new clip, as they stare at someone who seems even crazier than they are. But since Heller’s entire mutation is built around his multiple personalities of both genders, we can’t rule out the possibility that Plaza’s character is simply an extension of David’s mind. She’s either one of his personalities or a fellow inmate in the asylum.

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In Marvel’s comic book universe, David Heller was the son of X-Men founder, Charles Xavier and the most powerful mutant alive. Heller suffered from hundreds, if not thousands of multiple personalities, each of whom had their own mutant ability. Taken together, he powers far beyond almost anyone else on the planet, but little control over those powers or even his own self. 

Until recently, FX was indicating that Legion would standalone rather than tie into the X-Men movies. However, Bryan Singer has recently indicated that there may be a few more overt connections between the show and the films. Whether that includes David’s famous father remains to be seen.

Legion will have an eight episode first season on FX in early 2017. The cast also includes Fargo season 2 standouts Jean Smart and Rachel Keller. 

Do you think Plaza’s character is real on the show, or a part of Heller’s mind? Share your theories below!

Photo Credit: FX/Marvel TV