TIFF 2016 | Thirteen Movies That Should Excite You

Every year, audiences, critics and Hollywood insiders look to the Toronto International Film Festival to guide us. The 40-year-old event has a shockingly impressive reputation for introducing the world to some of the best motion pictures ever made, and of kicking off the yearly Oscar season by highlighting powerful and distinctive motion pictures, many of which are destined for those pesky year-end “Top Ten” lists we all have to write.

Don’t believe me? Here is a very short list of exceptional films that played TIFF over the last few years alone: 12 Years a SlaveGravitySpotlightThe MartianAnomalisaThe WitchNightcrawlerWhiplashBlue is the Warmest ColourIdaUnder the SkinThe Wind RisesBlue RuinArgoEnd of Watch, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Act of Killing.

Crave will, of course, be at TIFF 2016, reviewing films and interviewing filmmakers, but it’s such an enormous event that even if we sent our whole staff we couldn’t possibly see and do everything. So we simply have to prioritize, and to do that we need to be methodical. We took at look at the TIFF 2016 schedule and highlighted one dozen films that we think you should try to see if you’re with us in Toronto, and that you should probably keep an eye on as the buzz emerges from the festival.

Then again, the point of any and every film festival is to discover something completely new. So while we have a good feeling about these films, it’s entirely possible that A) they might let us down, and B) the biggest story of TIFF is going to be a motion picture that comes completely out of nowhere. 

So take a look at thirteen of the films we think you should be excited about, and keep coming back to Crave this week and next for all of our ongoing coverage!

Thirteen Must-See Films at TIFF 2016:

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