Breaking News | Chris Brown In Standoff With LAPD

Nigel Waldron  (Getty Images)

Chris Brown is currently involved in a tense standoff with the LAPD. According to TMZ and the Los Angeles Times, police were called to Brown’s home early Tuesday morning in Tarzana, CA after a woman inside called 911 and told them that Brown had pointed a gun at her.

Police have been posted outside Brown’s residence since 3am as Brown apparently refuses to leave the house until a search warrant is provided. The controversial R&B singer, who pleaded guilty to felony assault on then-girlfriend Rhianna in 2009, has made some bleary-eyed, nonsensical statements regarding the standoff on his Instagram, referring to Black Lives Matter and saying “f*** the police.”

In addition, TMZ is reporting that according to two sources on scene, a duffel bag was thrown outside the house with weapons and drugs inside.