John Oliver Unveils His Own Superhero Creation

John Oliver’s HBO series, Last Week Tonight is off for the next few weeks, but he released a new video last night in which he stepped away from the more serious aspects of the satirical news business and focused on another, less pressing issue: superhero movies!

Oliver briefly offered his take on some of the biggest superhero films of 2016, including Deadpool, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad while allowing Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse to slide by unmentioned. That’s just gonna fuel the conspiracy theorists! 

However, the bulk of Oliver’s video is devoted to the introduction of his own signature hero: Johnny Strong, a character he jokingly claims to have to relation to despite the clear resemblance between them and the fact that Johnny Strong’s alter ego just happens to be John Oliver with a slightly different pronunciation.

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Oliver claims to have created Johnny Strong when he was in fifth grade, and it’s plausible. This is clearly a character written from a child’s perspective, and Johnny Strong seems oblivious to the consequences that his actions in his fantasy cause in his real life existence. Let’s just say that the “mutant” encountered by little Johnny was probably not what he thought it was.

All in all, we’ve certainly seen lesser heroes than Johnny Strong make it in comics. We wouldn’t be shocked if Oliver eventually returns to this character in the actual comic book medium down the line. 

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Photo Credit: HBO