Politician Suspended For Saying She “F***ing Loves the Foo Fighters”

A UK Labour politician has been suspended for writing a Facebook post expressing her love for the Foo Fighters.

Catherine Starr has now been prevented from casting her vote in the upcoming Labour leadership election, after sharing a clip of the Foo’s frontman Dave Grohl alongside the caption: “I f****** love the Foo Fighters”. She has now received a letter from the party’s General Secretary Iain McNicol informing her of her suspension as a result of the post. 

Mrs Starr had been a vocal supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, with her claiming that this ridiculously over-the-top measure is a result of the Labour party trying to prevent those would vote for him as their leader from doing so. According to the Daily Mail, Starr said of her suspension: “I find it bizarre they have enough time on their hands to try to vet things like this at all, but I don’t go in for intimidating people or shouting them down anyway. I’m not a confrontational or aggressive person.

She added: “The [National Executive Committee] seem to have adopted an over-zealous vetting policy which may be aimed at stopping news members voting for Jeremy Corbyn.”

Starr, a newcomer to the party, had her application for full Labour membership denied as a result of the Facebook post, with the letter sent to her citing “inappropriate content on Facebook on March 5” as the reasoning behind the suspension. The NEC have stated that she can appeal the decision if she feels it is unfair.

Image Credit: Frederick M. Brown / Stringer / Getty Images