Exclusive Preview | ‘Action Comics’ # 962

The first Action Comics arc of DC Comics Rebirth is almost over, and it’s on Superman to get everyone out alive!

In the wake of New 52 Superman’s death, the original, post-Crisis/pre-Flashpoint Man of Steel stepped up to take his place and to keep his legacy safe from Lex Luthor. But somebody sent Doomsday to crash Superman’s return, and it may even be the same Doomsday that killed him years ago! Now Doomsday is hunting Superman’s son, and even the Justice League’s Watchtower may not be safe! 

CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Action Comics # 962 resolves the cliffhanger appearance of the enigmatic organization that attempted to recapture Doomsday for their own purposes. Unfortunately for them, Doomsday will not be caged by anyone. Now it’s up to Superman to put down one his greatest foes as an unseen enemy attempts to test the upper limits of his power. Can he finally overcome Doomsday?


For this issue, writer Dan Jurgens is joined by artist Stephen Segovia, inker Art Thibert, and colorist Ulises Arreola. Here’s DC’s solicitation text:

“Path to Doom” part six! In the epic conclusion, the mystery of Black Zero deepens just as the Man of Steel makes a fateful decision that may stop Doomsday, but also risks the lives of those he loves most.”

Action Comics #962 will be released this Wednesday, August 24 in comic book stores everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by DC Comics