Japan’s PM Reveals He Is Actually Super Mario At Rio Closing Ceremony

The 2016 Rio Olympics wrapped up today, with a closing ceremony which saw the Olympic flag passed to Japan in anticipation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Despite the incredible visual spectacular on display throughout the ceremony, one Japanese video game character stole the show, making an unforgettable appearance. The crowd was first treated to a video of Japanese Prime Minister Sinzō Abe morphing into Nintendo’s Mario character and drilling a hole through the centre of the earth.

Mario (aka Mr Abe) then jumps into his recently-created green pipe, shooting through the centre of the earth to emerge in real life in the middle of the closing ceremony arena. If that wasn’t exciting enough, ‘Mario’ removed his trademark overalls and hat, revealing himself as the Prime Minister, sending the crowd into rapture.

The video package was an all-out advert for the 2020 games, with several other anime characters and Japanese landmarks featured. Tokyo 2020 is going to be amazing peeps.

Check out the full video below.