The New Overwatch Metagame is Sitting Down

Blizzard has unwittingly introduced a new Overwatch metagame, with the introduction of a selection of new emotes seeing the act of sitting down add a whole new stealthy strategy to the FPS.

The new “sit and laugh” emotes, which were debuted this week as part of the Overwatch Public Test Region (PTR) patch, have been made available for every Hero in the game, with them providing an unexpected strategical option for more cunning players. 

As you can see in the below GIF, people have been making use of the sitting emotes to trick their enemies, with this Junkrat luring an unsuspecting Genji into a trap before setting off his explosive:

Then there’s Tracer over here, who merrily sits down on the objective while the enemy fails to spot her:

Though it’s not advisable that you abuse this new strategy considering that it leaves you vulnerable to enemy gunfire, it is clear that playing dead does have its benefits in the game. Unless you’re Symmetra, in which case you just sit on a stool:

Image Credit: Twitter / yuriluvr69