Music Festival Alert | Desert Daze Are Here Again

Joey Foley / Contributor

Coachella’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame fest Desert Trip may figuratively be for the blue hairs (read: old folks), while Desert Daze is literally for blue hairs (read: Burning Man crowd). The three-day Desert Daze has migrated to the more scenic Institute of Mentalphysics in Joshua Tree, CA, and is set set for October 14–16, which means it will overlap the nearby Desert Trip happening October 7-16 — Uber Pool with your parents!

Now, in its fifth year, the idyllic indie fest has in its own words “metamorphosed and emerged from its chrysalis reborn, harkening back to what music festivals once were, while illuminating the future of what music festivals can be.” Okay, I’m guessing that means self-expression (body paint), glamping (RV’s) and pharmaceuticals (the fun kind).

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Desert Daze refers to itself as a “festival of music” rather than a “music festival” and that bold claim makes sense with a trippy, experimental, every genre under the sun line-up: Primus, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Deerhunter, Foxygen, Toro y Moi, Washed Out and Survive (aka the dudes who scored “Stranger Things”). 

Crave - Desert Daze

There will be three outdoor stages of live music, an indoor space for alternative programming (speakers, workshops, Q&A’s. audio/visual performances and more), interactive art installations, projections, vendors, bars, food trucks and an indoor diner. Single-day and three-day tickets, including camping passes, are available through the festival’s website (here).