Pokemon Go Tours Announced Across Europe for £150

Viator has announced a slew of Pokemon Go tours across Europe, collaborating with a number of travel companies in order to conduct a series of ongoing events related to the augmented reality game.

The TripAdvisor company revealed today that they are bringing together some of the “best Pokemon Go tours from across the world,” with them taking place in the likes of Berlin, Paris, Madrid and the Croatian city of Split. Though the Pokemon Go tours predominantly take place in Europe, there is also a “Pokemon Go safari” in Memphis, Tennessee, which sees players boarding a bus in the city that will take them through many of its PokeStop locations.

The most costly Pokemon Go tour of all is in Madrid, which charges a whopping £158.55 for a private tour either by car or minivan, in which up to five guests choose where and when to start the hunt. The tour features a tailored itinerary that includes all the major highlights of Madrid, all of which you can ignore while throwing Pokeballs at a Pidgey on your iPhone.

Though many companies have capitalized upon the success of Pokemon Go, producing accessories to aid players and dropping lures at nearby PokeStops to encourage foot traffic to their stores, Pokemon Go tours are certainly the weirdest example of this thus far. Though the game still remains popular despite a number of questionable updates from its developers Niantic, it may not be popular enough to make £150 tours of PokeStops a viable venture for travel companies.

Regardless, Viator are putting their might behind this experiment, so if you really feel as though you should spare no expense on your journey to “Catch ‘Em All,” then maybe one of these tours is for you.

Image Credit: Viator