This “Letter to No Man’s Sky’s Haters” is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

No Man’s Sky has finally released and, as you can probably imagine, a lot of people have a lot of varying opinions about Hello Games’ huge space exploration game. Although the game has shifted massive numbers, with it becoming the second fast-selling PS4 game in history in the UK, many players are underwhelmed by the final product after enduring years of hype surrounding the title.

But although there have been some very vocal detractors of the game, those who are enjoying it have been equally as eager to share their thoughts. Even though there has been a great deal of friendly debate between those who sit on opposite ends of the No Man’s Sky fence, there are many who are taking the whole thing way too seriously.

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Case in point: this soon-to-be infamous Reddit post, in which a fan of the game (to put it lightly) issues an open letter of sorts to its detractors. The whole thing’s too glorious to paraphrase, so here it is in full. Be warned – it contains almost unbearable levels of cringe:


Yes, you. The one screaming, “There’s no multiplayer!” and “Sean Murray lied to us!” and other slurs I dare not mention.

Tread lightly.

You are one. We are hundreds, thousands. Millions. You aren’t just IN the minority; you ARE the minority.

I don’t feel awkward or anxious playing No Man’s Sky around others, and your words don’t affect me. Many others, however, are coming out of their shells for the first time in their lives. This is the first time many are enjoying the beautiful world that has been procedurally generated for us – and it IS beautiful. Incredibly so. DON’T ruin this for them. We No Man’s Sky fans may have our differences, but we will not hesitate to come to the aid of our fellow explorers, especially against someone who so virulently slurs that which has brought us all together.

Don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t hate you. I don’t fear you.

I pity you.

I’m sorry that you feel this way towards us. I’m sorry that No Man’s Sky is such a bane to your existence. And I’m sorry that you are missing out on such a wonderful experience. Mostly, though, I’m sorry that you feel the need to go around and publicly chastise and berate others. I’m sorry that, to ensure your own validity, you need to make others feel invalid. I’m sorry that your self-worth is so infinitesimally miniscule that you have to make others feel less-than-human, at least in your own denatured mind, just to feel whole. I am truly sorry that day-in and day-out you have to put up with your worthless, meaningless, Shakespearean tragedy of a life.

I ask you politely to cease your unnecessary cries for attention, and instead invite you to join our ranks. Uninstall Call of Duty, start up No Man’s Sky, and breathe in the splendour and the amazement of your first planet, and then, maybe, just maybe, you’ll see what you’ve been so hopelessly searching for this whole time.

In our review of No Man’s Sky we called it an “unfortunately hollow experience,” so it sounds like we fall into the category of people that this particular Redditor pities.

We don’t know how we’ll survive, either.

As always, it’s important to remember that just because some people dislike a game you like, that should in no way sully your own experience with it. Unfortunately, No Man’s Sky has drawn out that weird subset of the gaming community that is unable to handle a difference of opinion, with the above post epitomizing this unfortunately mindset.