Usain Bolt Smiles For The Camera While Winning the Olympic Gold

An incredible new photograph of Usain Bolt turning towards the camera and seemingly smiling while winning the Men’s 100m gold medal has gone viral.

The Jamaican athlete made history by bagging his third successive 100m Olympic gold medal on Sunday night, winning the final in 9.81 seconds. But before he had even crossed the finish line Bolt had already begun celebrating, beating his chest as he passed his rival sprinters to take his place atop the winners’ podium. 


Image Credit: Xavier Laine / Getty Images

In an immediately iconic photograph taken by Getty Images staff photographer Cameron Spencer, Bolt can be seen turning his head to the side and flashing his teeth at the tail-end of the race, giving the impression that he’s striking a pose as he is making Olympic history.

Image Credit: Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Bolt beat America’s Justin Gatlin to retain his title as the world’s fastest man, though the athlete still believes he has much more in the tank. Speaking after his victory, Bolt said: “Somebody said I can become immortal. Two more medals to go and I can sign off. Immortal.”

Despite winning the gold, Bolt still wasn’t over the moon with his performance.  “It wasn’t perfect today, but I got it done and I’m pretty proud of what I’ve achieved,” he said, adding: “Nobody else has done it or even attempted it.”

He concluded: “I expected to go faster, but I’m happy that I won. I did what I had to.”